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July 19-22, Drawing world’s attention with Taiwan bio innovation


Date: 2018-07-02

News Type: Expo News


The 16th BioTaiwan Exhibition, Asia’s leading biotech event will take place from July 19 to 22 at Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center. This year's exhibition has attracted the participation of numerous biotech companies from China, Japan, South Korea, Australia, Germany, Switzerland, the United States, Canada and other countries. A total of 35 listed companies, 600 exhibitors and 1,400 booths will be spread across 12 themed areas, making this exhibition the largest in history.

BioTaiwan Exhibition serves an important role connecting industry, academia, and research

Innovative thinking is the key for the taiwan biotechnology industry to break free of limitations and accelerate its advancement. As a standard for professional exhibitions in Asia, the BioTaiwan Exhibition stays up to date with the latest innovations. This year, ''Academia Technology Transfer Zone" will be introduced to present the most recent results on biotechnology research and development. Participating institutions will include DCC Taiwan, Academia Sinica, Chang Gung Memorial Hospital, Taipei Medical University, Kaohsiung Medical University, and National Yang-Ming University. It is hoped some of these ideas can be implemented along with a level of commercial feasibility that would allowing scientific research to achieve practical impacts. Currently, buyers from overseas countries have arranged visits to the themed zone. It is believed Taiwan's biotechnology industry is ready to set off another wave of cutting-edge talents and creative strengths on an international scale.

Biotechnology is a necessary path for Taiwan

Taiwan has more than 100 years of insight regarding the history of medicine, as well as 30 years of research and refinement on biotechnology. In addition to the field of medicine, it is also boast a robust foundation in ICT. Yet, as ICT is inapplicable to life, biotechnology is a critical component. Biotechnology is an industry of the future. It is the way to solve problems faced by Taiwan's aging society. Moreover, it is a stepping stone for Taiwan to enter the global market. Among various fields, "drug discovery" and "genetic diagnostics" are life-saving industries that will drive Taiwan into an era of smart economy.

This year, pharmaceutical giants TaiGen, ASLAN, Golden Biotechnology, PharmaEssentia, SynCore, TaiwanJ, Chi Sheng, and Radiance will actively participate in the exhibition. With the shared objective of boosting national health, they share valuable knowledge regarding innovative drug therapy and revolutionary progress made in the quality of pharmaceutical with international certification. In the medicine and medical area, there are also vaccine, generic drugs, pharmaceutical ingredients, and Chinese medical herbs, which expands an important foundation for the future development of Taiwan biotechnology industry.

Facing the powerful global trend of "Precision Medicine", preventive medicine and diagnostics pioneers TCI, Quark Biosciences, Genomics, Kim Forest, Synmosa, GBC, ACT Genomics, Provitae Bio, Health Genentech, Level Biotechnology, Bionet, Vita Genomics, Taiwan Advance Bio-Pharmaceutical, Cold Spring Biotech, and TBG Diagnostics continue to develop the latest detection and analysis services. The decryption of big data is utilized as a personal basis for medical decision-making. In addition, breakthrough technologies on "cancer detection" and "Asian prevalent therapy" are featured in this exhibition, bringing more possibilities to the trailblazing exploration of these diseases. The exhibition not only serves as a communication platform for technology productization and scientific commercialization, but also as an immediate connection to the welfare general publics that helps Taiwan's health transformation.

80 exhibitor presentations led by top biomedical scientists

Leading the show on opening day are Exhibitor Presentations, Next-Generation Sequencing Technology will shape the cancer clinics, and latest updates on Immune Therapy.  Afterwards, a few highly anticipated presentations will explore topics concerning "The model in response to regulatory reform in China", "Progress, innovation and internationalization of China's pharmaceutical regulations", and "China's hot spots in drug R&D". It will provide relevant companies and investors with the latest business cooperation models in an effort to stimulate innovation ideas and broaden global networks. In addition, there will also be presentations on smart medical devices, precision diagnosis, and bio fundraising. The event will present exciting ideas and thought-provoking concepts for the operational strategy of Taiwan's biotechnology industry!

largest scale in history

The BioTaiwan Exhibition will be held from July 19th to July 22nd at the Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center. It is expected to attract biotech companies, pharmaceutical companies, medical communities, academics, investors, health industries and financial experts from around the world. Together, it will share the successful experiences of biotechnology companies and the unique perspectives of Taiwanese companies under the global trend. The event is a worthwhile opportunity for anyone who wants to understand and invest in the biotechnology industry, as well as those who have already participated. Through the exhibition, it is wished to discover new channels and R&D partners that can addup passion and vitality for the long-term development of Taiwan's biotechnology.

In addition to the exhibition, there will also various international conferences, including BioBusiness Asia Conference, Southeast Asia Opportunities Conference, Opps. & Challenges of Cross-Strait Collaborations, B.E.S.T. INNOVATION SYMPOSIUM - Business Engineering and Surgical Technology, and One-on-One Partnering.

Drawing the world’s attention with Taiwan's bio innovation

BioTaiwan Exhibition is committed to becoming a world-class biotechnology exhibition in Asia. Faced with the rapid changes in market environment and the changes of time, it has continued to introduce innovative biomedical technology, which has garnered considerable attention from related industries, capital markets and media, both at home and abroad. It had also received gold and silver medals from the MEET TAIWAN Awards. Biotechnology is pivotal in transforming Taiwan and creating a healthier and better life for the publics. This year, the exhibition is expected to present a multi-faceted industrial layout and generate additional financial backing. The industry's technology analysis and refinement, coupled with the domestic and foreign market forces and potential buyers the event attracts, is a limitless driving force that will enable Taiwan's biotechnology industry to flourish. From July 19th to July 22nd, come witness the immense progress of Taiwan's biotechnology industry at Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center.





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